About the Competition and Short Film Festival

Who is Uneton48?

We are an independent, non-profit organization committed to supporting filmmakers. The Uneton48 film fest is all about community, creativity, sustainability and a better future for the filmmaking industry.

The Competition

The task sounds simple: Make a short film, start to finish, in 48 hours. The reality is far more messy, often spanning the emotional spectrum from hilarity to heartache and back. The fine details of the competition vary from year to year, with Uneton48 2015 still being honed to perfection – and you can be involved in the perfecting process! Go to U48 FB and join the discussion on U48 Helpdesk or leave message via our Contact Page to have your say!

The Short Film Festival

Uneton48 is dedicated finding new ways for indie and underground films to be seen, so with that in mind the festival screenings contain a mixture of Uneton48 competition films and other independent films from all over the world. You can see the past events here.