• Cinédom popup cinema

    Short film is a perfect format for pop up screenings and through Cinédom everyone has freedom to run their own cinema. Choose an hour long movie package from a selection, download it for free and invite the people.

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  • 48 Hour Films

    48 Hour Films Everything is possible in 48 hours. Enjoy these amazing films made as a part of The 48-hour Short Film Challenge. After seeing these films you’ll want to be part of the life changing 48-hour experience – live in your inner space, dance with the wolves and cry horse tears.

    • 48 ja puoli
    • Anteropatia
    • Kirveellä veistetty kansa
    • Liebeslied
    • Sisäavaruus
    • Äiti
    • Palasokerimies
    • Hevosen kyyneleet
    • Tanssii susien kanssa
    • Katkos
  • Weird and Wonderful from Finland

    Weird and Wonderful from Finland includes the whole spectrum of emotions. You may laugh between going through some weird moments, wonder what is happening, feel the success and failures, enjoy experimental eye-catching pieces and wince back to the reality.

    • Kaveri
    • Mainoskatko
    • Erään hyönteisen tuho
    • Peto
    • The Chaufeur
    • Things Fold into Themselves
    • Hätäkutsu
    • Kalajuttu
  • Scenes from Life

    Scenes from Life tells stories from the extremities of life. Death, kidnapping, striptease and failing love. With a hint of Finnish humor.

    • Raimo ei näytä Kevin Kostnerilta
    • Make Love
    • Renewing Mikael
    • Closet
    • Thin Ribbon
    • Häivähdys elämää
    • Close Finale