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    What is a 48-Hour Short Film Challenge?

    Uneton48 is about having FUN – Ok, it is also an awesome team building exercise and a great way to practice the magnificent art of filmmaking in a very weird environment. The intense weekend challenges teams to work together, overcoming big egos, personality conflicts and creative differences to achieve a common goal.

    Of those that survive weekend, some will be rewarded with cold cash, sweet prizes, chocolate and hugs – everyone who finishes will see their work on the “big screen”. Get ready for the weekend of your life!

  • “Uneton48 on mahdollisesti tärkein yksittäinen tapahtuma Suomen elokuva-alan kehittymisen kannalta…”

    From filmmakersWhat film people are saying
  • “Ehkä paras elokuvatapahtuma, johon koskaan olen osallistunut. Ja elämäni hienoin viikonloppu, jonka olen valvonut…”

    From filmmakersWhat film people are saying
  • “Uneton48 on ollut yksi elämäni hienoimpia viikonloppuja. Haluan kokea sen uudestaan.”

    From filmmakersWhat film people are saying