The film needs to be completed within 48,5 hours, match your given theme and contain the given compulsory elements (see section 6).

Your team must be registered and registration fee paid before the challenge.

Uneton48 reserves the right to make changes to the rules before the challenge weekend. The participants will be informed of any changes.

Questions? U48 Helpdesk on Facebook or

1. Registration

To take part in Uneton48, you need to register a team. The challenge is open for everyone.

2. Challenge time frame

The challenge begins at 7pm on Friday. The film has to be handed in by 7.30pm exactly the following Sunday. This makes the challenge time 48,5 hours. The extra half an hour is allowed for rendering / transport / uploading of the film.

3. Language of the film

Your Uneton48 short film can be in any language. If it’s in any other language than Finnish, Swedish or English, subtitles in English, Swedish or Finnish are required. Subtitles must be embedded in the movie file, as we cannot use external subtitle files in the theatre screenings. NOTE: Save a non-subtitled version of your film for possible TV screening / other uses.

4. Length of the film

Your film must be between 1 and 5 minutes in length. This has to include the opening slate (see section 12) and the end credits.

5. Challenge launch

Uneton48 launch event is held as a stream in facebook, at 6.30pm on the Friday of the challenge weekend. This information will also be sent via email + available on U48 Helpdesk after the launch.

6. Theme & compulsory elements

During the challenge launch, we reveal the final theme selection. Every team is also told which theme was assigned for their short film through a lottery. Creative interpretations of themes are accepted. However, the original theme has to be evident in your film. Compulsory elements are same for all the teams and will be announced in opening stream.

7. Filmmaking

All creative work has to happen within the given 48,5 hours. Certain preparations can be done beforehand: assembling the team, securing gear, scouting locations, sourcing music and sorting out music copyrights.

Animation: Uneton48 accepts animations. In this case, all animation (whether made by computer or by hand) have to be done within the 48,5 hours. Models used for stop motion animation can be created beforehand. With digital animation, you can use characters that are created beforehand. Otherwise, the same rules apply.

8. Music

We recommend that teams work with local musicians and composers. Any personal connections come in handy, as the rights-managed music with its royalties is often too expensive. There are also many websites with royalty-free music and sound effects. The music does not need to be made within the challenge weekend. In fact, we recommend you source possible songs and sound effects in advance.

Whatever the origin of your music, you must have secured rights for it. With royalty-free music, it’s good to mention the channel (website) it was downloaded from. When sourcing royalty-free music, make sure you get all distribution rights without any geographical, time or channel specific restrictions.

9. Minors as team members

Team members can be minors, as long as there is at least one adult involved. The adult has to be appointed as the team leader, and is responsible for registering the team and verifying the final report.

Good taste: Uneton48 is not adult entertainment. Minors can take part in the filmmaking and the movie theatre screenings have an R-12 rating. So, to be in the challenge, your film must adhere to the R-12 rating. More information on the ratings can be found on MEKU website (in Finnish).

10. Out of towners

It’s possible to take part in Uneton48 from anywhere in the world. You can check all the information relevant to your team (genre, compulsory elements, etc.) from the Uneton48 Facebook page (and email + Uneton48 Helpdesk) after the launch event.

11. Drop off

Fill the wrap up form. This form must be sent before exactly 7.30pm on Sunday of the challenge weekend.

Deliver your film file before Monday in one of two ways:

Online. Upload your film file into our Dropbox Request Folder.

Whichever way you drop off your film, your submission is in time if a) your wrap up form is received in time, and b) the SHA sum on wrap up form matches your film file. As a backup, if you fail to submit correct SHA sum, your submission will still be in time if the film file is received in time.


Name your film file as: Team name - Film title

eg. “Uneton48 Productions - Big Tree Squirrels.mp4”

Recommended technical specs:

  • Video: 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 25 fps
  • Audio: Stereo (2.0) @ 16bit 48kHz
  • Codecs: h264 + aac inside mp4/mov container
  • Bitrate should be less than 30 Mbit/s
  • File size should be less than 2 GiB

If your film file differs from these specs, it might not play smoothly at the theatre screening. Especially important is that frame rate matches the Finnish standard 25fps.

In the beginning of your film, insert 5 seconds of this slate:





For example:




UNETON48 2033

In the end of the film, please add the text:

This short film was made as part of Uneton48 [current year]

13. Sponsorship in films

All films and end credits must adhere to the regulations on product placement and sponsorship: Advertising, sponsorship and product placement.