1. Export

the film from your video editor. It is a good idea to start this early. 😅


an SHA-sum code for the film file, instructions below. Fill wrap up form.

3. Send it

no later than Sunday 29.8.2021 at 19:30.


Name the film file: Team name - Film name

Eg. Uneton48 Productions - Big Tree Squirrels.mp4

Submit the film file to either

Dropbox. Upload the file via internet into Dropbox drop-off folder.

Physically: Due to Covid-19 pandemic drop-off is exceptionally only online.

Your submission is in time if the wrap up form is received in time, and the SHA sum on wrap up form matches your film file. Thanks to magic of math, the actual film file can arrive late (but still on Sunday), and a broken USB stick can be replaced. 🐨

As a backup, if you fail to submit correct SHA sum, your submission will still be in time if the film file is received in time.


If this feels difficult, you can also download a GUI hasher, which might be easier to use. Good luck 😘


Open Terminalmacos/linux or Command Promptwindows.
It’s installed by default on all computers and can be found eg. via Spotlightmacos [cmd+space] or Startwindows [windows-key] search.


Type in the window…
macos/linux: shasum i.e. [shasum space]
windows: certutil -hashfile i.e. [certutil space dash hashfile space]


Drag and drop your film file onto the window. The file path and name appears after what you just wrote.


Type ENTER. Your sha1 sum (40 numbers & letters) appears in ~ten seconds.


Copy that sha1 sum and paste in wrap up form.
macOS (picture): select sha1sum with mouse, cmd+c.
Windows: right-click > mark, select sha1sum, right-click > copy.