The Uneton48 2022 short film competition is underway, you would like to participate, but you don’t know all the details? Worry not! We have written this detailed description of the participant's journey – just for you. Read these instructions carefully, because the page also contains the rules of the competition!


Although you can very well participate in the competition alone, we strongly recommend asking at least a few people to join you on this trip. It’ll be more fruitful to brainstorm ideas together – and in addition, making a film as a team is more fun! When assembling the team, it's worth making note of what each person would like to do.


When the team members are sorted and the team name is decided, it is time for the team captain to enter the team into the competition. YOU CAN BUY THE TICKET HERE. The team captain must be over 18 years of age, and they will be the person that the Uneton organisers contact if we need to reach you. The participation fee for the Normal Bird price is €100/team. The size of the team is up to you.


Now is also a good time to join the OUR FRESH AND BOOMING DISCORD SERVER ja eli keskusteluryhmään jossa järjestäjät vastaavat kysymyksiin ja kilpailijat auttavat toinen toisiaan.



  • The Uneton48 filmmaking challenge starts at 19:00 on Friday 16.9., following the opening event. The finished film must be returned by 19:30 on the following Sunday, 18.9. The official race time is therefore 48.5 hours. The extra half hour is intended for delivering the finished film.


  • The film can be in any language.
  • However, if the language is any other than Finnish, Swedish or English, subtitles in one of the aforementioned languages ​​must be included in the film. The subtitles must be burned onto the image, because we cannot use separate text files for movie screenings.


  • The film must be minimum 1 minute long and maximum 5 minutes long (and not a second more!). This duration includes the beginning text (see section 5.9.) and the end credits.


  • Your short film theme will be revealed at the opening event. You are more than welcome to apply your theme in a creative way, but the theme must be recognizable from the film.
  • There are two mandatory elements that are the same for all films. The elements will be announced at the opening event.


  • All creative work (NOT including making music) must take place within the competition time.
  • Animation: making an animated film is also allowed. In this case, all animation (whether done by computer or by hand) must be done within the competition time. Otherwise, all the same rules apply to animation as to any other film.

4.6. MUSIC

  • We recommend that you work with local music creators, as using copyrighted music is often very expensive.. There are also many internet sites that provide copyright-free music and sound effects.
  • Wherever your team gets your music from, you need to make sure you have permission to use it. If you use copyright-free music that has been retrieved from the Internet, it is good practice to mention the site through which the music was obtained in the end credits. Also, make sure that there are no special restrictions on the rights of the music (e.g. that it is freely available only in a certain part of the world or that there are no time restrictions on using it).


  • Team members can be under 18 years old, as long as there is at least one adult person in the team. In this case, an adult member must act as a team leader and take responsibility for managing the team's registration and filling out the final report.
  • Good taste: Uneton48 is not adult entertainment. Minors can participate in the event, and the age limit for Uneton cinema screenings is 12 years. For this reason, in order to participate in the competition, the film must be suitable for the K-12 age limit. More information on the subject can be found in KAVI'S INSTRUCTIONS.


  • Name the movie file as follows: Team name – Movie name (e.g. “Team Uneton48 - Kalloni kallion kalliolla .mp4”)

Recommended technical specifications:

  • Video: 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 25 fps
  • Sound: Stereo (2.0) @ 16bit 48kHz
  • Codecs: h264 + aac and mp4/mov container
  • Bitrate should be less than 30 Mbit/s
  • File size should be less than 2 GiB
  • If your film deviates from these parameters, it may not run smoothly in the screenings. It is particularly important that the frame rate corresponds to the Finnish standard of 25 fps.


  • At the beginning of the film, you should put a 5-second slate with your team and your film's information in the following format:


  • This text must be added at the end of the film:

This short film was made as part of Uneton48 2022 short film competition


  • All films and their end credits must comply with regulations related to product placement and sponsorship. Read the regulations HERE.


  • The copyrights of the films completed in the competition are shared between the organizing body "Uneton48 Ry" and the filmmakers. However, Uneton48 Ry has exclusive rights to the films until 9 October 2022, when all the films have been premiered and the finalists announced. With this arrangement, we aim to maintain an exciting atmosphere until the final event.
  • After the date of October 9, 2022, the copyrights of the films will be shared between the Uneton48 organization and the filmmakers, so that both parties can freely distribute and show the film. Our driving thought behind these copyright rules is to promote the film culture. It's important to us that filmmakers can use the film they've made however they want. In addition, it is important for us that also us, the Uneton48 organization is allowed to distribute and show the film. Uneton48 Ry is a non-profit public organization. Instead of financial gain, we aim for maintaining and developing the organization, promoting film culture and securing partnerships. In addition, with these simple copyright clauses, we aim to simplify the journey of a small organization through the twists and turns of bureaucracy.
  • Send only material you have made yourself. When the film is made by you, you have the necessary copyrights and you know what is in the film. The film must not infringe someone else's copyright (e.g. music).
  • In private situations, ask permission from people appearing in films. Privacy protection must be respected in movies. This means that you should not film offensive situations or, for example another person's home without asking permission from the resident and all the people appearing in the films.

Below is the copyright clause in more detail:

  • The team hands over the financial copyrights of the short film ("Film") produced as part of the Uneton48 competition free of charge to the Uneton48 event organizer Uneton48 ry ("Organizer"). The organizer has the right to sell or hand over the Film for the use of other entities (such as TV channels), to transmit and distribute the films worldwide and to show them publicly.
  • The team itself also retains all the rights mentioned above. The team retains the right to using the work for his own benefit and from assigning a similar right to others as well.
  • The organizer has a temporary exclusive right to distribute the film until October 9, 2022. During this exclusive right period, the creator or creators of the film do not have the right to transmit the film to the public, to show it in public or to make physical copies of it and pass these on to the public for free or for compensation. Despite the exclusive right, the author however has the right to use the film's image and sound material to promote the film, including creating a trailer of up to 30 seconds.


5. DROP-OFF BY 18.9. AT 19:30

When your movie is finished and the functionality of the file has been checked, a moment of joy and fulfillment follows: time to drop off your film! You can do this either online or at REDI.

Online drop-off:

  • Fill in the drop-off form. This form needs to be sent latest 18.9. at 19:30.
  • Upload your film to Uneton Dropbox. You will get the link through e-mail. The film needs to be visible in Dropbox by 18.9. at 19:30 in order to take part in the competition.

Live drop-off:

  • Arrive to REDI, Uneton HUB no later than 19:30.
  • You can fill in the return form at location.
  • Return your film on an external hard drive or USB stick.