Uneton48 2022



Uneton48 is a short film challenge where everyone gets to tell their story on the big screen. Absolutely anyone can participate - from anywhere in the world! The live event takes place in Helsinki, with screenings also in Turku and Tampere.

Since 2008, nearly 2000 films have been created in Uneton48 challenges. Our event activates over a thousand filmmakers annually, from industry professionals to beginners.

This is a team challenge. Participants decide the size and composition of their team. Teams complete an entire film production process within 48 hours. Each short film, maximum 5 minutes long, gets a movie theatre premiere. The event culminates in a Final Gala, where a panel of film industry influencers awards their favourites – and, of course, we celebrate every completed film together!

Two events are held annually: Uneton48 short film challenge focusing on fiction and Uneton48docs challenge focusing on documentary.



UNETON48 IN 2024

2 challenges - Uneton48 and Uneton48docs
16th year
48 hours to make a film
over 20 film screenings
over 150 films
over 1000 participants



Producers: Iikko Kuusela, Inna Huttunen, Olli Kalliala, Mikael Rutkiewicz 

Uneton48 was founded in 2008 by Sami and Enni Tuomisalo, who to this day continue their work behind the scenes, alongside several other film and media industry influencers. Over the years, Uneton48's judging panels have been filled with top names from the industry. The jury for the fiction challenge last spring consisted of Minna Haapkylä, Pietu Wikström, and Anna Paavilainen. Uneton48docs jury included Salla Sorri, Moona Pennanen, and Miisa Korkiamäki.

The judges for the 2024 fiction challenge are Alli Haapasalo, Raija Talvio, and Arman Zafari.

You can reach the production team best through Uneton48’s Discord under nicknames in shape of "Name || Uneton48," or via email at info@uneton48.com


Take on the challenge!

Uneton48 is held twice a year. Gather a team, read the instructions & rules and participate!

Join Discord, and follow us on Instagram @uneton48 to stay updated on upcoming events! On Discord, you can also find or assemble a team for yourself.

Become a volunteer!

Uneton48 operates largely by volunteer effort. We warmly welcome new volunteers! Your tasks could include assisting with screenings or communication, for example.

Drop us an email at info@uneton48.com or get in touch with the producers on Discord if you'd like to join in!

Become a partner!

We collaborate extensively with film industry companies and events, film educational institutions, and NGOs. Our activities are supported by organizations such as the Finnish Film Foundation, the Swedish Cultural Foundation, Konstsamfundet, and the City of Helsinki. Long-term partners include the likes of Finnkino, Angel Films, and Rakkautta & Anarkiaa. We also engage in participant collaborations with institutions like Aalto University's Department of Film, Television, and Scenography and high-schools for performing arts. Films produced in our challenges have been screened on platforms like Elisa Viihde, Yle Areena, MTV Katsomo, the Love & Anarchy film festival, and numerous other film festivals.

Get in touch at info@uneton48.com, if you're interested in partnering with us. This could be distributing the films, offering prizes, organizing events and film challenges - or something entirely different! Let's discuss the form of collaboration together!