Uneton48 2022


We believe that creativity is for everyone and great ideas can come from anywhere.

Uneton48 kicked off in 2008. At the heart of it all is the short film challenge, where every team creates a short film in just 48 hours. Every finished film gets its premiere in a cinema. The best films win prizes and go on to be screened at numerous festivals and events.

The true power of the concept lies in its time limit. To really make a film in 48 hours, you have to assemble a good team and pull together various resources. You have to use every ounce of your creativity. With the hard deadline, the film project doesn’t fizzle out or grow too big and ambitious. It’s just one weekend, a chance to step outside your usual routines. A chance to be playful. Many of our contestants (some with established film careers) have told us they really look forward to the creative boost Uneton48 brings every year.

For many filmmakers, Uneton48 has served as a springboard to the film industry. But even more so, the event has sparked creativity, facilitated new friendships and connections, and truly democratised filmmaking in Finland. It brings together the young and old, the seasoned and inexperienced, all to the same playing field. Let’s illustrate this with some name dropping :)

Aino Suni, Aku Louhimies, Aleksi Bardy, Anna Airola, Anna Brotkin, Dome Karukoski, Eeva Putro, Elli Toivoniemi, Ilja Rautsi, Inka Matilainen, Jan Blomberg, Jani Pösö, Johanna Vuoksenmaa, Julia Elomäki, Kaisa Leppänen, Kaisa Penttilä, Kalle Kinnunen, Kimmo Sillanmikko, Laura Malmivaara, Maria Serkikina, Max Ovaska, Mete Sasioglu, Minna Lund, Peter Flinckenberg, Reidar Palmgren, Sakari Mäkelä, Sarita Harma, Satu Silvo, Siiri Halko, Tiina Lymi ja Timo Vuorensola

Promoting film culture in various ways

Vuonna 2018 järjestettiin ensimmäisen kerran Uneton48docs, jossa tehtiin lyhyitä dokumenttielokuvia 48 tunnissa. Jokainen valmistunut elokuva sai ensi-iltansa DocPoint-festivaalilla. Pandemian aikana Uneton48docs oli tauolla, mutta teki vuonna 2023 onnistuneen paluun yhteistyössä Rakkautta & Anarkiaa -festivaalin kanssa.

Uneton48 on järjestänyt lukemattomia projekteja, kuten elokuvakouluja, kokoontumisia ja työpajoja tavoitteenaan edistää elokuvakulttuuria. Uneton48 on myös muun muassa tuottanut loppuunmyydyissä R&A-näytöksissä ja Elisa Viihteessä esitetyn kokopitkän elokuvan 48 päivässä. Kumppaneihimme ovat kuuluneet mm: FINNKINO, YLE AREENA, FREE, PAULIG, REDI, ELISA  VIIHDEGENELECHEOANGEL FILMS,LIGHTNEERSYÖPÄSÄÄTIÖKAMPIN KAUPPAKESKUSHELSINGIN KAUPUNKIHELSINGIN SANOMATHELEN,CINAMONHSY,RAKKAUTTA&ANARKIAA, TAMPEREEN ELOKUVAJUHLAT,ESPOO CINE, HELSINGIN KAUPUNGINMUSEODOCPOINT

Promoting equality and diversity through unique stories

Promoting equality and equality in our society is in the core of Uneton48.

We provide everyone with an equal platform to have their own unique stories to be heard and seen both in cinema and on Uneton’s online film library. Our film challenge is open to everyone. Over the years, we’ve given a platform to different cultures and perspectives. We believe film is powerful medium and the variety of voices increases communication and understanding between different cultures and individual experiences.

Uneton48's main purpose is to offer experiences to filmmakers regardless of their background or experience. Of the approx. 1,500 filmmakers who participate in Uneton every year, about one-third are professionals, one-third are students in the field, and one-third are film enthusiasts. Every year there's a delightful number of beginners too!

Uneton48 aims to democratise the filmmaking process, and gives everyone the opportunity to make and distribute their own short film. In this way, the organization also works as an educator for a new generation of film viewers. Uneton48 movie screenings are attended by more than a thousand viewers every year, the largest group being young adults.