In spite of covid, and Uneton48 start cooperating again. The cooperation is based on's desire to support the event and cultural industries, not only during the covid period, but also for future employment.

“Events like Uneton48 can inspire new and enthusiastic filmmakers in the industry. It is really important, especially in this world time, so that the spark of making films does not stop”,'s COO Emil Kylämarkula explains the reasons and backgrounds of the cooperation.

"The collaboration, started a few years ago, has proven to be a good way to tell film professionals about the secrets of light entrepreneurship, as for many it is still a foreign concept. At the same time, we want to remind all future film professionals that self-employment is one way to start a career."

Contribution to artists

In order to support the creators of cinematography, offers a support fee of 25 euros to each participating group. The fee is invoiced from by one of the group members during the week following the event. Instructions for billing the support fee can be found at the end of this message.

"With the help of the support fee, we want to set an example that everyone's work input must also be taken into account in small productions - no labor is free," says Kylämarkula.

Billing instructions:

To charge the support fee, you have to...

1) Team leafer to register in to the invoicing service

2) send the invoice to's billing address within seven (7) days after the end of the event

3) choose Free-Laskutus Oy as a customer's e-invoice address: 003727681694

Operator: Maventa (003721291126)

Broker ID when sending from the bank network: DABAFIHH *

Please also remember …

1) write the subject of the invoice: Uneton48 compensation (and the name of your group)

2) set the invoice in the amount of 25 € + VAT. 24%

3) mark the payment term as 14 days

All other participants in the event will receive a 25% discount of´s service fees for the next three (3) months, when registering by using the code “Uneton48”.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact's customer service: 0203 323 45.

The invoicing service brings freedom to working life, enabling you to work as a light entrepreneur. A self-employed person can focus on doing his or her own work, with fulfilling all statutory obligations. Registration is free and the service is easy to use.