Dear Uneton 2020 participants! Clock is ticking and the sweat drops are condensing!

Hopefully the weekend has been fun, restless and lovely. Your time to start rendering and exporting movies is soon here, so here are the return instructions in a nutshell:

LOAD, FILL AND STORE important papers:

(click the arrow at the top to download the zip folder where you will find the papers as separate PDFs)

The final report can be returned via dropbox, but don’t worry: as long as the movie is submitted on time, no one will be disqualified because the final report is missing, as it can be submitted to us later.

DO Sha1sum code:

FILL IN AND SEND the wrap-up form:

DOWNLOAD the movie to the Dropbox folder:

The maximum length of the film this year is 5 minutes, with opening title and end credits. Please name the movie file teamname_moviename. Be sure to include the opening title too: 5 seconds preferably on a black background and info which includes:




UNETON48 2020

(FAQ: The music or dialoque of the film may begin during the opening title).

Uneton48 is actually a Uneton48 and ½ hour race, which means that the return time is Sun 17.5. until 19:30!

Please do not release your movie publicly before May 28th. We will then publish all films completed in the challenge on Uneton48 website.

We will inform you about cinema screenings and wrap up party during the summer.

Keep up the good work, you can do it! Have strength! :)