Hello everyone!

Hopefully the circles around your eyes and heart rate are already normalized for you guys, after a busy weekend. There have been questions about few subjects so let us be clear:

Fixing movies before screenings

The film may be fixed and edited before screenings - BUT IN THIS CASE, IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY DROP OUT OF THE COMPETITION. If you still want to provide us with a fixed version of the movie, please do so before midnight 21.5.2020!

The final report

The final reports we would like to receive during this week, as we are already organizing previews for the movies. This year, you can “sign” the report with a phone number, so there’s no need to physically collect all signatures.

Movie trailers and posters

The trailer of the films may be published for us and others to see before the release date of the films on 28.5.2020. It is also advisable to make posters, as our own graphic designer chooses the best poster and it will be rewarded… So everyone who wants to participate in the poster competition, upload your poster to the U48 Helpdesk before 28.5. Our graphic designer will check them from there. The poster can also be sent to iikko@unetondocs.com

We will inform you of the fate of the screenings and the final event as soon as we know what is possible to arrange and when.

Hugs and sun to everyone!