Uneton48 is coming and you are considering participating but you have some questions? No worries - we have written this detailed description of what to expect, and how will the competition weekend go!

Gather your team

It’s okay if you want to participate alone, but we highly recommend to invite at least a few teammates on the trip. It’s easier to brainstorm ideas together, and in our experience making a movie with a group is much more fun. When you start to gather your team, it’s helpful to plan in advance even some kind of work distribution, who likes to do and what. It doesn’t need to be strict casting - you can switch roles and for example make the script together - but it’s good to know that every role has a potential operator and someone is willing to act in front of the camera.

Register for the competition

Once the team members are on board and the team name is decided, it’s time to register the team. Your team leader must be of legal age, and she/he will be the one contacted whenever Uneton organisers have some news to share. For example all information emails will be sent to the team leader.


48 hours is a surprisingly short amount of time, so it’s good to prepare as much as possible in the weeks leading up to the competition weekend. You can start by going through the competition rules carefully. It’s also advisable to reserve equipment, such as a camera, to do some location scouting, or even hoard aluminum foil because you never know - your genre might be space opera. We also recommend you to look for a brief introduction how to use the video editing software your team has chosen, if you are not already familiar with it. Anything that has been taken care of before the competition weekend, is out of the way of making a kickass movie! It’s also a good idea to join Uneton48 Facebook Helpdesk, a forum where organisers can answer your questions and competitors also help each other during the weekend.

1.Opening ceremony

The opening event of the Uneton48 will be the starting point of the competition and will always be held from 6pm to 7 pm on Friday of the competition weekend. The venue, on the other hand, is changing and can be checked on the Uneton48 website or Facebook group. The most anticipated contribution of the opening event is the movie genre lottery, so each team will be getting a theme for their upcoming movie and its script. Along with the genre there will be also revealing of obligatory elements: an item, a character and a line you need to include in your movie. If you can’t attend the opening event because of distance or some other reason, don’t worry - all genres and obligatory elements will be informed at the Uneton48 website and Facebook group after the opening ceremony.

2.Competition time 48,5h

Every Uneton48 team has a different approach to the competition weekend and it is impossible to provide an univocal description how the competition should proceed with your team. However, we have collected some tips that we think are useful especially for first-time participants.

First of all, the script should be compact enough to fit Uneton48 criteria and given time limit. You don’t want to waste your time by writing a full length movie or a saga, if you after all need to summarize it in a few minutes. Too long script will only lead you to an extreme rush with shooting and also a heavy workload on the editing table.

For beginners and more advanced participants, our advice is to pick an observation of the surrounding world which is important for you, and focus on how you can use your genre to tell the story. Good examples of this could be “the seas of the world are drowning in garbage” (Her – Fish, 2018) or “how tempting can be the desire to squeeze a succulent pimple”  (nice at ping pong – Krakatoa, 2019).

Secondly, it’s a good idea to take enough time for each stage of the film making and make sure not to overlap situations and scenes over the another. As organizers of the Uneton48 competition, we have found that everything runs quite smoothly if you reserve Friday night for screenwriting, Saturday for shooting and Sunday for editing and sound design. In this way the movie making proceeds in clear order and there is a good amount of time for each stage, so the film will be ready by the deadline - even if you’d have technical problems while editing. All in all, you should try to avoid stretching shooting footage to Sunday afternoon, as this often means that there will be a huge rush with post-production. Ideally the movie is finished early enough to fix something if any problems occur.

3.Returning the film

Once your movie is complete and the file is checked and working, there will be a moment of joy and relief: returning the film! Returns can be made either physically on a flash drive in Helsinki, or online. Online returns are definitely more popular. Detailed instructions how to return your film can be found in the Uneton48 website rules section, and we advise you to read the rules in good time before the competition. You should pay attention especially how to get the shasum code for your movie. This code will be provided to the competition organizer at the time of film return and if there happens to be some kind of error with the return, the shasum code can be used to ensure that the restored movie file is made during the competition weekend. This way your movie will not drop out of the competition in vain, even if there are problems delivering your movie file to Uneton48 organisers.


Every film made during the competition - even the films which were returned late - will premiere at Finnkino movie theaters. Screenings are held in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, and will take place approximately one week after the competition. Usually the film is screened in the nearest possible theatre, but you can also make wishes for the screening city and time. Uneton48 organisers will take wishes for the screenings on Uneton48 Helpdesk soon after the competition weekend has ended. Information about the screening schedule will be published on Facebook. Each team gets 5 free tickets for their own premiere and you can buy more straight from Finnkino. At the screenings you are able to give points for the films, and these points will solve which movie wins the desired Audience’s Choice-award.

5.Wrap up party

Uneton48 culminates in a closing event, which consists of the release of all the awarded films, and K18 wrap up party afterwards. Each year a prestigious jury selects as many finalists as it wishes, and each year two jury honors and prize-winning film are selected. Also the film which captured the most audience votes in screenings, will win Audience’s Choice -award. Even if your own film doesn’t compete for the grand prize, this event is still worth the visit, because smaller prizes are also awarded for non-finalists. As with movie theatre screenings, each team will receive x amount free tickets to the closing event, and more can be purchased from Uneton48. More information about the event, such as the location and the date can be found on our Facebook page.