Welcome to Uneton48!

The most sleepless 48 hours of the year starts soon, on Friday 15th May 2020!

The opening event will be streamed online. You can watch the opening show here (link), starting at 1820 on Friday!

At the opening event, teams will get themes and mandatory elements for their films. If the given theme doesn’t please the team, during the first two hours it’s possible to ask for a “wild card” and get a new mystery theme - but just remember that this wild card won’t be a piece of cake!

15 second microfilms

Uneton48 challenged you to make microfilms about quarantine and we received so many awesome artworks, thank you! Veitsenterä tuotanto won with their touching interpretation: a link to a video


All films completed at the event will receive a movie theater premiere. We promised to follow the recent recommendations of Finnish institute of health and welfare and our Government, so all screenings will be postponed from the beginning of June to mid-July. We announce the exact city-specific dates as soon as we get them locked with Finnkino - and we keep our fingers crossed that everything is going so well that we don’t have to reschedule these anymore. The same goes for the wrap up party. We try to organize it either as an outdoor event - or online. Time will tell. Stay tuned.

Script doctoring

This year, uneton48 is offering script doctoring. In this way, we can help you make the script as light and “hygienic” as possible. In practice this means that if your draft contains a massive scene between different persons, the script doctor could suggest some dramatizing for the scene to make it more "hygienic", with only one or two persons. Or if there are numerous different locations, you would get ideas for "simplifying" the script. We try to give tips to keep contacts between team / actors / locations, etc. to a minimum.


You will send your script to our screenwriter Anne Lahtinen, a max. 5 page draft as a PDF, on Friday from 10 pm to 11 pm to anne@uneton48.com.

Anne reads these scripts and writes you dramaturgical feedback - in the order in which the emails arrive. Here, too, speed is an advantage, as only the first 12 scripts arrived will get the feedback (unless otherwise stated and there’s some extra time left for others).


The Uneton48 Helpdesk is a treasure chest for every participant. If you have any questions, first ask here. Probably before the organizers have time to even blink their eyes, Uneton48 veterans have already answered your question (and certainly better than the organizers would have answered). So join now, the conversation has already begun.

Uneton48 in a nutshell:

If this is your first time participating, below are the answers for frequently asked questions.

  1. First of all, stop everything else you do and join the U48 Helpdesk on Facebook! This discussion group is exactly the place where you can ask everything between earth and sky, or just feel the vibe of the competition weekend. The organizers will always answer your questions - unless experienced contestants get to do that before us!
  2. You may have heard that each team will have their own theme for the movie, and that it also needs to include some specific elements like replicas or characters. "So what exactly are these and why don't I know them?" No worries, no one else knows before the opening event! Speaking of themes, we are asked every year whether there is a danger of being disqualified if, for example, you get a horror film theme and you make a film about a man who is afraid of cats. The unequivocal answer: no - we enjoy when our themes are interpreted creatively.
  3. You should check the competition rules if you haven't already! Check how to drop off your film and in which file format! NB: this year the maximum length of the film is 5 minutes with title and end credits!
  4. Yes, still about those rules. Perhaps the most important point of the rules is that The film should be returned by 19:30 on Sunday as follows:

4.1.1 Export the film from your video editor. It is a good idea to start this early. 😅

4.1.2 Generate an SHA-sum code for the film file, instructions here.

4.1.3 Fill wrap up form and send it no later than Sunday 17.5.2020 at 19:30.

4.1.4 Name the film file: Team name - Film name

Eg. Uneton48 Productions - Big Tree Squirrels.mp4

4.2.1 Submit the film file to Dropbox. Upload the file via internet into Dropbox drop-off folder.

Your submission is in time if the wrap up form is received in time, and the SHA sum on wrap up form matches your film file. Thanks to magic of math, the actual film file can arrive late (but still on Sunday), and a broken USB stick can be replaced. 🐨

As a backup, if you fail to submit the correct SHA sum, your submission will still be in time if the film file is received in time.

  1. Then there’s the classic reminder for all of you: remember to save enough time to render and export your movie! Every year, a team doesn’t have time to get their movie on time because exporting took so long - don’t let it be your team! Stay alert!

6. LOAD, FILL IN AND SAVE important papers, Uneton only needs the final report, but it can be returned after 5/17/2020 at 7:30 pm. The final report can be placed in the same Dropbox link as the movie. If you do not have the opportunity to write a digital signature, enter the relevant telephone number in the “email” field. Papers can be found here!

7. We hope to see as much pictures and videos as possible over the weekend with the hashtag #uneton48 - the best snaps will be rewarded with Finnkino movie tickets.

It is a pleasure to note that this year 107 teams registered to take part in our competition! A big thanks to everyone - now, let’s make some movies!

Remember, if something is bothering you, post on Helpdesk and we can figure it out together! And remember, the most important thing is to have fun!