In this year Uneton48 is following current recommendations by Finnish government and Finnish institute of health and welfare. In all our communications and operations we obey existing rules. At the moment the course of the competition and revised rules would look like this:

1.To support art and filmmakers, the Early Bird price will remain in effect throughout participation. We all need arts and stimulus in these weird times, so this is the least we can do for you and us.

2. We encourage (almost require) to make films with a tiny group of people (or alone) and recommend working remotely. Here are some tips how to handle this challenge.

3. We have selected this year’s genres and obligatory elements carefully to support these exceptional circumstances.

4. This year Uneton48 offers help from a professional Script Doctor to crystallize the idea and story of your movie. Every team can book a slot on Friday/Saturday (max 30 min), so we can help you to write the script as light and “hygienic” as possible.

5. The maximum length of films this year is 5 minutes (including the title and end credits).

6. If you will be prevented from participating in this year due to illness, please contact us and your participation will be transferred to the 2021 competition.

7. The opening ceremony and returning of the films will be held only online this year.

We now have a great opportunity to make short films to remember and examine this exceptional picture of periods. Let’s take this as a positive and interesting challenge! As a final relief, a short animation to lighten up the day:

Film Crew in Quarantine from Robertas Nevecka on Vimeo.