Here we are trying to exercise our eyelids and stretch muscles for the coming weekend. By the way, it is worth reading the newsletter carefully, because in addition to all the important information, we also reveal one mandatory element in advance!

You’re probably already waiting with your hands shaking to see how this competition weekend will go this year with all these restrictions, but we’d like to calm your minds: we managed to shoot a short film remotely - and everything went smoothly!

Check the film here:

While washing your hands, we would like to remind you to read our tips on how to make a film remotely and as hygienically as possible:

Also, be quick, because you have only until tomorrow to register your team: And remember that the Early Bird price is still valid! 👍

And now the rumble of drums, Ba Dum Tss, one of this year’s mandatory elements is going to be:


And as we all know, we are living through quite some special times and that’s why we have to postpone film screenings from the beginning of June to mid-July. We will announce new dates as soon as possible, just hang in there!

Stay safe and healthy!