Let’s start with the most important info and announce our finalists for the year 2020:

Eklektinen tunnelmaraato - Rituaaliystävä

Hilpeät Pojat Tuotanto - LAKIPYKÄLÄ 999

Stone Films - Pullum Caelum

Dunder Mifflin Helsinki Branch - Maalasin niin perkeleesti

Silent Paprika Films - How to Make a Marionette at Home

Savage Streets - Dente Macabre

Mamma films - Miehen mitta

Rosy Clouds films - Merde !

Jelly Cat - Pystyt parempaan

Mama - Ainakin sata ahventa

Vaikka ketä - Häkkieläin

Diletantit - Ritari

Vanha Huutaja - Hauras Onni

Congratulations! <3

You can check out the trailer for the finalist here: LINK

And you can watch the finalists online screening here: https://uneton48.com/elokuvat/

And then some information about the wrap up party. Because there are still uncertainties with schedules, venues, weather and all the gathering regulations - and decisions still need to be made, we have decided to organize the awards gala online, on Wednesday 17 June 2020 from 5.30pm. Broadcast will happen in Unetons facebook

The awards gala will be followed by a very unofficial Uneton48 picnic (IF THE WEATHER ALLOWS IT) in Alppipuisto at around 7 pm. We will offer some sparkling wine for everyone who can make it there to come and meet us organizers!  

And about the delivery of prizes: we will contact the leaders of the awarded teams by e-mail / telephone and we will agree then how we will deliver the prizes. :)

About cinema screenings: for reasons beyond our control, we still can’t announce CONFIRMED dates, meaning we ask for patience with this. We will notify you as soon as the dates are confirmed to us. But if we have good luck, the screenings will take a place:

Kinopalatsi Helsinki

· 13.7. 14.7. and 15.7. Kinopalatsi 4

· Every day 16:45, 18:45, 20:45

Kinopalatsi Turku

· 13.7. Kinopalatsi 5

· 16:45 and 18:45

Plevna Tampere

· 14.7. Plevna 4

· 16:45 and 18:45

Remember these dates are tentative!

Enjoy the summer and short films! See you later! :)